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And 1940's
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Empire Radio History

Ian Bayley and Neil Barber have been involved in what might be described as ‘The 1940s Scene’ since 1991.  Ian ran one of the first bespoke 1940s dances in Kent, at what was the lovely art deco style Plaza Suite in Sevenoaks.

The music was supplied by the master himself, Terry Elliot, and these dances were always sold out, becoming quite a sought after ticket (which in itself was always a work of art !).

Closure of the Plaza Suite signalled the end of ‘The 1940s Dance’, and the subsequent explosion of interest in the period and frequency of dances deterred him from organising such further events.

However, in 2008, Ian and Neil decided to form ‘Empire Radio’ in order to provide something different, be it the music of the1920s, 1930s or wartime

1920's Empire Radio1920's Empire Radio Neil Barber

Neil Barber providing an evening of 1930's and 40's entertainment