Empire Radio
Music Of The 1920's, 1930's
And 1940's
From The
Empire Radio Corporation

Music by Empire Radio

The music played is always based around three factors; the period being depicted, the venue and the clientele.


1920s - 1930s

Music of this period features artists such as Paul Whiteman and Jelly Roll Morton to British Dance Bands like Ambrose, Lew Stone and Carroll Gibbons. Such nights are intended to reflect the glamour and atmosphere of the famous locations at which they performed, be it Claridges, The Savoy or The Ritz, The Embassy Club, Quaglinos, The Monseigneur or The Café de Paris. Their resident vocalists featured such legends as Al Bowlly, Nat Gonella and Sam Browne. The great American artists such as Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller also feature.


Music heard during the wartime period is also provided, again depending on the requirement. And so, a more balanced approach is taken to all types of dancing that would have been seen during the period. This covers music from both sides of the Atlantic, from Waltz and Foxtrot to novelty dance and Swing.
It is a strict rule for Empire Radio that no music produced after VJ Day, 15th August 1945, is played.

Novelty Dances

The Conga and the Lambeth Walk have always played an important part in the Empire Radio set list, but this is being expanded to incorporate other social dances of the period such as The Palais Glide and The Paul Jones.

A night of entertainment from Empire Radio

Ian Bayley and Neil Barber

A night of entertainment from Empire Radio